We’re happy to let our customers know that we’re finally getting the ultimate makeover for our premises here in Gisborne!

First of all; a new showroom where you can view the memorials in person. There’s nothing like being able to see and touch. Soon you’ll be able to join us in that tactile experience of running your hands over a smoothly worked piece of granite.

workshop being built

Our new showroom is where you will spend time, but of course we’re mostly out in the workshop creating and working hard. We’ll have three times the space, which will mean that the messier craftsmen will have more room to spread out.

We’re looking forward to this, even though it seems huge to us at the moment, we know it’ll soon fill up with tools and projects!

The new office will be great for the paperwork end of things – and even a new lean-to for all the larger supplies, all tidy and out of the way. It sounds efficient, hopefully it will work that way on the day of moving everything in

We’re really looking forward to having it all completed and up and running!