Make it your own

Working through the process of designing a memorial should be therapeutic not stressful. Whether you are designing the stone itself or coming up with a tasteful and artistic inscription, our knowledgeable staff on hand are creative, caring, and ready to help.

We begin by considering approximate sizes appropriate to the site. Certain cemeteries often have restrictions on the size of the memorial.

We then discuss the shape. Different shapes have a variety of meanings, and this step can add that very special personal touch.

Next comes your ideas for the inscription. You may wish to include dates, family names, and perhaps a special verse or quote.

Sometimes a loved photograph can be added for that additional special tribute.

Fonts and layout are the final touch; and with our years of experience we know you will be delighted and touched by the final result.

If you wish to include family members who are at a distance in the decision making process, we will be delighted to print or email the concept to you so that all can share in this meaningful time.