Baystones will reopen at Alert Level 3

The aftermath

The level 4 lock-down was certainly an experience that will be remembered. For some of us, especially those more vulnerable, it was a scary time. For some it was frustrating. And for others it was a welcome break from the daily grind.

It appears for now New Zealand has been dealt a relatively light blow, not to understate the tragedy of the 17 people who have died (as at the time of writing). The number of new cases appearing each day is dwindling and as a country we begin to move toward life outside of lock-down.

My cave.

As we emerge from the depths of our gloomy caves, bunkers, and vaults, squinting at the unfiltered sunlight filling our eyes, many of us will be wondering if the landscape has changed. As of Tuesday many businesses will be opening up under level 3. Most who aren’t essential services will be operating in a contactless capacity. This will mean empty stores with people queued waiting to be served individually. Roads will be filled with delivery drivers dropping off goods that have been ordered and paid for on-line. The internet savvy will be the least upset by the “new normal”. The convenience of on-line shopping is ideal for some, but it can also feel impersonal and isolating.

Baystones is back!

As of Tuesday the 28th of April Baystones is back up and running. We can’t allow people into our store until alert level 2 (which will hopefully come in another two or so weeks) but in the interim we encourage those who are interested in purchasing a memorial to call us or check out our website. People can browse the headstones located in the fenced off area of our car park which will remain unlocked during work hours (remember if you’re bringing children they need to be supervised near the headstones).

We will also be working hard to catch up with on-going work begun before the lockdown. Work completed can be collected from the carport located at the Wi-Pere street entrance to Evans Funeral Services. Just call or e-mail us to arrange a time.

We will also be installing headstones and memorials again as of Tuesday.

Postponed unveiling ceremonies

Unveiling ceremonies will be able to take place under alert level 2.

There are however a few stipulations around public gatherings relevant to unveiling ceremonies:

  • Physical distancing of 1 meter is expected with the exception of those in your bubble
  • Indoor gatherings are limited to 100 people
  • Outdoor gatherings are limited to 500 people
  • Elderly or those with preexisting health conditions are advised to take extra care

With a bit of mindfulness and care for the vulnerable there is no reason that unveiling ceremonies cannot take place under alert level 2. For more information visit Covid 19 Alert Level information


For those who know us we work very closely with Evans Funeral Services. I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the efforts of these guys (and all essential workers for that matter) working through the lock-down. Managing grieving families expectations while navigating the minefield of laws and restrictions imposed during the period took real nerve. Not to mention potentially putting themselves at risk of infection. These guys (and girls) did a great job and never fail to put the needs of the community before their own.