Tombstone Maker

Tombstone Maker

What to Consider When Choosing a Tombstone Maker

Hiring a tombstone maker is a complicated process, no matter what. In most cases, you are coming to this decision, having just recently lost a loved one. Coming to terms with the permanence of death while simultaneously planning a funeral and picking out a headstone can be stressful, confusing and heartbreaking. At Bay Stonecraft, we help make the process easier by offering an empathetic approach and pairing it with extremely high-quality craftsmanship.

Problems Bay Stonecraft Addresses

Our goal is to take as much stress as we can out of the process for choosing and designing a headstone for your loved one. Here are a few of the common problems we solve:

  • Not being able to find the right stone: Perhaps you have something specific in mind for your loved one’s headstone, or maybe you merely want to browse different stones and pick out whatever speaks to you most. The apparent problem, in either case, is not being able to find the right piece. At Bay Stonecraft, we start with a vast range of different stones—we offer both granite grave markers and marble grave markers—to make sure we can give you what you need.
  • The hassle of the customisation process: What should the inscription on the headstone say? Which font is right? Would adding a photograph of your loved one be a nice touch? We help you consider these questions and others, working with you to personalise a headstone that truly reflects who your loved one was.
  • The logistics of headstone delivery: How do you get a heavy headstone to the gravesite? We simplify this process, thanks to the fact that we are located on the same site as Evans Funeral Services—the only funeral home in the Gisborne region.

Other Benefits of Working with Bay Stonecraft as Your Tombstone Maker

Beyond solving the three problems listed above, Bay Stonecraft also helps deliver a range of other benefits that will make your experience of picking out marble or granite grave markers better. These include:

  • Fair and transparent pricing: Rather than charge you for each step of the design stage, we give you transparent pricing upfront, so that you can go in knowing exactly what the tombstone is going to cost.
  • Limitless customisation options: We aren’t just working with rubrics for our headstones. On the contrary, we want to realise your vision, no matter what that might be. Your concept could be a simple headstone with an elegant inscription, or it could be an ornate carving in granite. No matter your idea, we will strive to bring it to fruition.
  • An experienced team: We have been personalising granite and marble grave markers for 28 years and counting. If you need advice or guidance through this process, you can rely on our experienced and trusted team.

Why Trust Bay Stonecraft Regarding Your Marble or Granite Grave Markers

Between our decades of experience, our dedication to achieving the customer’s vision, our use of only fine-quality materials and our history of gorgeous headstones, you can trust us as your tombstone maker in Gisborne. Contact us today to learn more.