Granite Benchtops

Granite Benchtops

Design a Long-lasting Memorial with Granite Headstones and Benchtops

When you’re looking for the right way to build a tasteful and lasting memorial, consider granite headstones, there are several advantages to using granite that result in a quality memorial. Ultimately, you create a tribute to their memory that combines elegance and respectfulness.

Tips Regarding Granite Gravestones

As you’re searching through potential providers of granite gravestones bear the following tips in mind:

  • Bay Stonecraft has over 25 years of experience creating headstones and other memorials. We’ve worked with various kinds of materials and strongly recommend granite as an effective and elegant solution to building a lasting memorial.
  • Many memorials offer extras that you can tack onto the main headstone or memorial. Once these are all summed together, the final cost could surprise you. Bay Stonecraft, on the other hand, charges a flat fee per project so that you know exactly how much you’ll be paying with no surprises.
  • We have a broad selection of headstones, and tombstones for your selection. If you don’t find the perfect one within the prepared offerings we have, you can also request a custom project. We will provide you with a granite tombstone precisely as you describe.

Benefits of Granite Monuments

As a material, granite is a popular choice for several good reasons:

  • Its crystallinity allows polishing to a mirror-like finish. Thus, once the granite has been fully-fashioned into a tombstone, it has an impressive appearance that is sure to inspire reverence and appreciation.
  • As we customise your granite, you’ll see that beautiful, naturally-occurring textures and colours burst forth. Each piece is unique, so there’s always something special in a granite tombstone’s unique patterns.
  • Despite being a natural igneous rock, granite is extremely tough, which allows it to outlast steel, concrete, and marble. It is an excellent choice for a memorial that will withstand wind, rain, and hail for decades or centuries to come. Take advantage of granite’s durability when you arrange for a granite tombstone or memorial.
  • Further, we can engrave directly into granite and carve it into any shape you need. Even if we shape or cut it into curving, delicate shapes, it retains exceptional strength. Thus, for special projects, granite is the perfect material for custom designs.

About Bay Stonecraft

For decades, Bay Stonecraft has been serving the local area. We are affiliated with Evans Funeral Services, the only established funeral home in the area. Our focus is on providing a simple, quality service to those who want an elegant way to remember their loved ones. We also work with those who are in the midst of end-of-life planning and want to design a grave or memorial ahead of time.

We know the difference between a standard grave marker and a personalised memorial, so we put intense care and attention into each of our projects. Our stonemasons are exceedingly experienced, so they will help you work through any design concerns or considerations. Contact us today to learn how a locally-owned company can help you and your family.